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Individualised nutrition for optimal health
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Why do I feel like this?
How can I age more slowly?
Why can’t I lose weight?
Where has my energy gone?
Why am I always bloated?
Why am I so moody now?

We can advise your business on how helping your staff improve their health and well-being is important for overall performance.   


We customise our service to fit your needs: workshops, seminars, consultations.  Let us come and give you a complimentary presentation about what we can do for you.



We have been on television, radio, and been published in popular and academic press. Need an article or research?  Get in touch.

We formed Stop The Clock over ten years ago to meet the need for a different approach.


Stop The Clock is based on biochemical individuality.  We focus on YOU.  This means that we look at the complex web of biological and environmental interactions which determine your physical and mental health.  


Small practical interventions can have a big effect.  We make it do- able


Stop The Clock with a top-notch nutritionist.

You are genetically unique. Vibrant good health, youthful longevity and peak performance depend on optimising individual physiological function. This is what Stop-The-Clock can help you achieve.
Nutritional therapy addresses core issues.